About Us

Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence in the world Building Cladding Projects

ALUCOMAT® is an architectural cladding total solution provider and registered branding of Jyi Shyang Industrial Co., Ltd. (JSN) in Taiwan, the United States, European Union and other countries since 1966.

First in Asia

ALUCOMAT® is Asia's first aluminium composite material (ACM or ACP) manufacturer ever since 1970s and is today among Top 3 in the world. With belief to invest in global branding, local networking, as well as R&D continuously, ALUCOMAT® is capable of delivering a wide variety of multi-metallic composite solutions for modern exterior cladding, interior decoration, advertising signage, and transportation projects worldwide.

ALUCOMAT® 100% Made in Taiwan (not China)

ALUCOMAT® is 100% proudly made in Taiwan where quality is never compromised. With continual efforts aforementioned, ALUCOMAT® is best balance between quality and price.

Sub-brand APEXX® made in China

Nantong JSN Industry Co.,Ltd. is an exclusive legal joint-venture by Taiwan JSN Industry C0.,Ltd. The brand name, APEXX®, is used for panels exported from Nantong JSN to distinguish the origin. Both Taiwan JSN and Nantong JSN use the same quality inspection standards to test panels. In accordance with established procedures, Nantong JSN will send production samples back to Taiwan for re-inspection in order to ensure quality control after production is completed.

Multi-Metal Variations

Beside top grade aluminium alloy, ALUCOMAT® exterior-class ACM (or ACP) is also capable of delivering a wide variety of multi-metal compositions for every creative and glamorous architectural design:

  • Galvanised Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Zinc

Having 50+ years of excellence in worldwide construction projects, ALUCOMAT® looks forward to becoming first century-old Aluminium Composite Material (or Aluminium Composite Panel) manufacturer in the world.
ALUCOMAT® ACM (or ACP) is composed of two top-grade aluminium alloy sheets and a thermoplastic polyethylene or class 1 fire-resistant mineral filled core under continuous high heat and pressure process.

Material surface is lacquer-coated with Kynar 500® PVDF fluorocarbon resin based paint licensed from France or Lumiflon FEVE fluorocarbon resin from Japan. Total thickness of all coating layers on top of chromate-treated aluminium is strictly required to meet AAMA 2605 standards. Rear side of material is also protected by a service coat, not neglected mill finish. All of these weathering and chemical resistant efforts would adequately ensure 10 years of limited warranty for material applied in exterior environment.