All ALUCOMAT® aluminium composite material (also know as aluminium composite panel) are packed in solid wooden crate. Unloading crates from container or truck with forklift(s) of adequate loading capacity.

Do not store crates or panels in locations without proper protections against water leakage, rain, and penetration of moisture or condensation.

Pile crates in stacks on top of one another. There must be no more than six (6) crates per stack.

Do not store panels by stand them vertically without proper support. This is to avoid bowing of panels in the middle.

Do not place heavy object on top of panels.

Avoid panel storage for a period more than six (6) months.

Inventory Management

Do not mix same-color panels from different shipments of batch production in warehouse. Each coating batch is unique; mixing panels from different batches on single building surface would likely to create color reflection difference to the feeling of naked eyes.

Stockiest distributors should offer small projects of same-color panels from same batch they have in stock. Or at least each surface of a small building must use same-color panels from same batch.

For larger projects, clients are requested to place all panels required for an identical project within one single order.