ALUCOMAT® Aluminium Composite Material (also known as Aluminium Composite Panel) is ideal for a wide variety of exterior architectural, interior decorative, signage advertising, transport, and industrial applications.

For project cost estimate and purchasing, an elevation drawing showing panel layout, panel dimensions, and support rail/fixing positions should be made available to relevant project stakeholders (such as sub-contracting fabricator and installer).

Following check-points are recommended to the designers:
    1. Wind Load Calculation
To determine maximum positive and negative wind impact resistance requirement.

     2. Tray Dimension
Mximum dimension of panel depends on panel dimension less tray return dimension. For instance, for a 1250 x 3300 mm panel, maximum tray dimension is 1190 x 3240 mm.

     3. Panel Joints
To determine how many fixing rivets are required along each edge of tray in order to install trays on cladding structure on the wall.

     4. Panel Layout
Based on building requirements.

     5. Abutment Details
Justify horizontal & vertical span/spacing distance for stiffeners & fixings by Maximum Uniformly Distributed Load (KN/m²) = UDL.

    6. Color Shade Difference
Due to nature of production engineering (coating is done in one direction and each batch of coating is unique), slight color difference may be noticeable if
  • panels are mixed from several different batches of production; and
  • panels are installed in different directions (not following directional arrows printed on protective film)

To avoid such color shade difference, designers must estimate total required quantity of panels adequately with safety buffer, ensuring that each project will use panels only from identical coating batch. In addition, designers must ensure that sub-contracting installers would install panels in the same direction as marked on protective film.

ALUCOMAT® has developed a set of sample sketch drawings aiming at your proper adaption of our quality solution. Drawings are available in Technical Manual; please contact your dealer or contact us if you do not currently have one.