ALUCOMAT® is world’s original ALUminium COmposite MATerial (ACM) Total Solution provider, the material is later known as Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP).

Unprecedented Creativity for First-Tier Designs

ALUCOMAT® Ti-Zinc is an unprecedented new ACM solution which successfully imitates beauty of luxurious architectural solid Ti-Zinc panels. It is equally weather resistant and yet more cost-friendly, allowing every project stakeholder to enjoy and appreciate glory of each masterpiece design.

As an extension from ALUCOMAT® FR which composed of a certified fire resistant mineral filled core and two rigid top-grade aluminium sheets, ALUCOMAT® Ti-Zinc preserves equally outstanding quality available to existing ALUCOMAT® Exterior Solution family.

While delivering extraordinary style, multi-layer Ti-Zinc textures treated surface is protected by next-generation fluorocarboned resin paint FEVE licensed from Japan, thus ALUCOMAT® Ti-Zinc is ideal for exterior cladding in building construction. 10 years of limited warranty is available for project acceptance.

ALUCOMAT® Ti-Zinc aluminium composite panel features following competitiveness:  
Flat in Shape Excellent tolerance control contributed from ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing process.
Light in Cost 30% lighter than 4mm-thick Ti-Zinc composite panels or 70% lighter than 3mm-thick solid Ti-Zinc panels.
Lower in Cost Does not require special and expensive machinery usually required for cutting and grooving stainless steel or zinc panels. Saving in hardware and installation labouring means increased profitability for the projects.
Weather Resistant Warranty evidenced by scientific results. SGS 5,000 hours QUV test passed.
Safe under Fire Utilize ASTM E 84 / E 119, BS 476 part 6 / 7, and DIN 4102 part 1certified fire rated formula identical to ALUCOMAT® FR series.
It's Green! Environmentally friendly is a must. Period.


Since ALUCOMAT® is world’s pioneer of aluminium composite panel since 1966, ALUCOMAT® Ti-Zinc specifications are world specifications:
Alloy 0.50 mm top-grade, virgin aluminium sheet on each face, refinery certification provided
Coating Multi-layer Ti-Zinc imitated texture finished with Lumiflon® FEVE based fluorocarbon coating, 5,000 hours QUV test passed
Core 3 mm fire resistant mineral filled core certified under ASTM / BS / DIN standards
Thickness 4.00 mm
Width 1,220 mm
Length 2,440 mm
Custom Thickness 4.0 ~ 8.0 mm
              Width 1,250 / 1,500 mm
              Length On demand

Fire Resistance

By replacing class 1 fire resistance mineral filled core with LDPE core, ALUCOMAT® Ti-Zinc will become standardized ALUCOMAT® panels with Ti-Zinc enhancement on the outer surface.

Total Solution Family

ALUCOMAT® Ti-Zinc is more than a piece of panel. It may come with a variety of different alloy types and thickness, as well as coating systems to better suit different application needs. Please select an appropriate one listed on the right menu or directly below:
Variations Alloy Coating System Core Material
Signage Ti-Zinc 0.30 mm Exterior-class high performance polyester, digital printing compatible LDPE, RoHS compliant

Custom Color & Pattern

Please contact us to Request a Custom Color Matching. Limits applied.

Color Chart

Selected standardized colors are available below for viewing below. Due to color reflection difference on computer monitor, please request actual sample swatch before placing order.

  • Charcoal Black HAR404
    Charcoal Black
  • Misty Gray HAR403
    Misty Gray
  • Charcoal Black HAR404
    Charcoal Black